Commercial Mentors

The City of Grimes recognizes that special needs children grow into adults that require specialized care. The City of Grimes is committed to makes its parks and facilities more inclusive beginning with the addition of a height adjustable adult size changing table at their Grimes Community Complex.

The Iowa Department of Transportation is committed to providing access to individuals with disabilties traveling throughout the State of Iowa. A height adjustable adult size changing table will be added to the newest rest area being constructed right now on I-80 near Victor. Going forward all new rest areas will have this feature and we will be retrofitting all of the modern style rest areas over the next four years.

MercyOne Des Moines and West Des Moines Medical Centers are committed to personalizing care for clients. Height adjustable adult size changing tables will be added to both metropolitian locations with the goal of improving access and providing a positive experience while visiting either campus location.